Cotton: A Case Study in Misinformation | Updated with the latest data

In this paper, readers will: 

– Be provided with the best available data and context to replace misinformation
– Dive into an updated analysis on production, pesticide use, water usage, as well as fertiliser use which was not previously covered in our original report.
– Understand the complexity of resource use decision farmers have to make 
– Rethink the way we source our cotton

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Join us in rethinking the way we source cotton.

Cotton Unspun: Data, Context and the Future of Sourcing

This panel brings together key experts in the cotton industry to explain the pitfalls of our industry’s current methods of cotton sourcing, and paint a new picture of the way the fashion and apparel industry sources cotton. You will learn: the importance of contextual data and its implications, as well as how we can transform our approach to cotton sourcing to become better partners to farmers.

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