What is World Cotton Day?

World Cotton Day is a Celebration of cotton and an opportunity to show its enduring positive impact. The global community is invited to join us in celebrating the world’s most important natural fiber!

Why is World Cotton Day Important?

Because cotton is a natural fiber like no other. Here are just some reasons why.

  • It’s a poverty-alleviating crop in some of the least developed countries in the world, providing sustainable and decent employment to people across the globe.
  • It biodegrades quickly compared with synthetic alternatives, decreasing the amount of plastics entering our waterways and helping to keep our oceans clean.
  • It’s the only agricultural commodity that provides both fiber and food.
  • As a crop that grows in arid climates, it thrives in places no other crop can.

What happens on World Cotton Day?

Stakeholders from the global cotton community come together to speak on the many advantages of cotton–from its qualities as a natural fiber, to the many benefits people obtain from its production. Topics this year include sustainability, women in cotton, brand and retailer partnerships, and more.

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